I can't say enough, what a pleasure it has been working with you on this project. I have worked with many external contractors over the years and have never had a project go more smoothly. I do hope we can work together again in the future.

Jolinda Ketner, Intouch Solutions (Digital Agency of the year, MedAdNews 2010)

I have had the distinct pleasure of working with the Flexis Team on several projects at Cisco Systems. Their UI/Flex experience and professionalism are always a welcome and a great contribution to the Cisco projects. Flexis has creative sensibility in driving the creation of multiple projects and they have a strong analytical sense to make sure the final product is on-time and is a quality product. Working with the Flexis team is very easy and requires little to no supervision. Their greatest strengths are their ability to network with people drive projects until they completed properly! I could not give the entire Flexis team a higher recommendation, and know that any company/organization will benefit highly in hiring them.

Jennifer Derr, Insight Global, Inc.

We are very impressed with Flexis team's ability to transform our vision into a functional application. We are very excited that Flexis will help us scope our future endeavors. Flexis assistance in this will be of tremendous value and our success. I trust in Flexis team's capacity to complete all outstanding features and functionality. We are looking forward to moving on to the next release and future endeavors with Flexis.

Director of Engineering, Fortune-500 Telecom Company

Flexis exhibited unparalleled professionalism towards us and our project, completely rebuilding the user interface and bringing better user experience to our interactive video application. I am 100% satisfied with their work.

Alex Babin, CEO and Founder, Clickberry.com

CQ Development


To win, corporations need to use Adobe CQ 5 Web Experience Management. It is a state-of-the-art innovative integrated solution without pain.  CQ 5 is the core of Adobe WEM that delivers digital content through creating powerful large-scale web applications. It seizes multiple communication channels, rapidly deploys templates, designs, and components that dramatically improves user brand experience. The results are skyrocketing sales.



  • Unparalleled simplicity and flexibility with versatile interface that lets one publish content rapidly and increases productivity.
  • Next generation fast and compliant tools for multi-channel marketing program creations, launching, and management that creates unique brand experience.
  • Integration with Adobe Marketing Digital Suite and other marketing applications provides a complete marketing solution that helps you steer site visitors toward desired behaviors and outcomes.

Key CQ Components


Content Management System

Easy management of web content with unique undo function, drag-and-drop capabilities, and content reuse options.


Marketing Campaign Management

Fast design, editing, testing, and delivering content for personalized marketing campaigns across the web, mobile, and social channels.


Digital Asset Management

Integration with flagship software Adobe Creative Suite provides cutting edge tools for asset production, storage, approval, and publishing.


Social Communities

Reach multiple social experiences with wiki, forums, blogs, commenting functions, and calendars.


Automated Personalization

Context enabled system that offers web visitors information that is tailored to their needs, interests, and geographic locations.


Integration with Adobe Digital Marketing Suite

A combination of world-class web analytics and optimization that offers tools any marketer can only dream about.


Cloud Solutions

CQ 5 WEM a Saas application that enables full control of web content management and facilitates quick launching of marketing campaigns.

Our Adobe CQ5 services:

  • Website assessments and integration with CQ WEM.
  • Problem tracking and strategic digital marketing consulting.
  • Staff training and support.

FlexisUS is an experienced Adobe partner for more than 5 years. Our partnership with Adobe insures that we have access to the latest software, documentation, and best technical support. We are proficient in Enterprise Content Management Systems, consulting, implementation, and service. We deliver complex projects quickly while maintaining the highest quality work. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed through effective use of agile software development models and ongoing support.

Contact us at info@flexisus.com