Flexis exhibited unparalleled professionalism towards us and our project, completely rebuilding the user interface and bringing better user experience to our interactive video application. I am 100% satisfied with their work.

Alex Babin, CEO and Founder, Clickberry.com

Real-time 3D

Rich 3D web content with Alternativa 3D technology for Adobe Flash Player

Showcases of Alternativa projects

What is Alternativa 3D

Alternativa 3D is an Award-Winning Flash-based technology. It is ideal for creating real-time 3D apps for the web: multiplayer browser games, virtual words, demos, and promotional projects.


FlexisUS is the first US company to offer expertise in building 3D web applications using and Alternativa 3D platform. Our company has a long-standing partnership with Alternativa Company and actively participates in Alternativa's internal projects for consumers and developers.

Core Competencies

We bring value to customers leveraging data analysis and visualization in 3D.


Leveraging Alternativa 3D technology will provide you with impressive advantages:

  • Revolutionary instruments for interactive data analysis and visualization in web 
  • Wow! effect of 3D graphics on your website
  • Higher conversion rate and customer retention

Target Industries

Alternativa 3D technology has proved its efficiency in a broad range of industries:

  • Telecom and Finance (3D charts for data analysis and visualization)
  • Retail and Consumer goods (3D demos of consumer goods on the web and in kiosks)
  • Automotive (3D interactive auto models and 3D promo games)
  • Real Estate (interactive 3D house promos on the web)

Contact us at info@flexisus.com